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You Don’t Have To Be Covered In White To Be Protected From The Sun

When warm weather arrives, we want to soak up all the rays of sun we missed in the winter. Those rays can be dangerous, but the products used to protect ourselves can often be dangerous for the environments they’re exposed to–like the ocean. So how can we protect ourselves without sacrificing our natural resources? Reef-safe, clear zinc sun protection.

Yup, it’s a thing!

In our May issue of Be Well, our Wellness Newsletter, we discussed the benefits of zinc oxide sunscreen. Now, you can get the same earth-friendly protection without the white. Many natural sunscreens, like Badger, are transitioning to being clear zinc formulas. This form of zinc oxide is a specialized powder with high transparency and low whitening. The EWG supports the use of these mineral-based sunscreens and has a comprehensive list of the best sunscreens to use for your time in the sun.

All of the zinc oxide sunscreens available at the Common Market are reef safe, so you can be sure the sunscreen you’re using to protect your family is also not harming our greatest natural resource: the ocean.