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Everyone can shop; anyone can join!

The Common Market believes that a business owned by its customers is in the best position to meet the needs and desires of those customers.

Ownership is about more than investing in wise choices for your health; it’s about investing as a partner in the business. The Common Market measures its success through a three-tiered bottom line–people, planet, profit–that correlates to social, environmental, and economic development. We believe a business should be a positive contributor to the local community. We make a conscious effort to give back to our growing community in a variety of ways to show our gratitude for the community’s support of the co-op. We are here because we want the health of our families, our planet, and our store to grow.

Do you want to be a part of this movement? Take a look at the benefits, rights, and responsibilities of a Common Market owner, fill out the online form, make a payment, and become an owner today!

Becoming an Owner

To become an owner, simply complete an equity share form and make a payment. An equity share is a one-time cost of $200; however, a payment plan of eight quarterly payments of $25 is available. Should this payment plan option be chosen, payments are due every three months.

The purchased share is a legal equity share, meaning the purchaser owns part of the business.

Ownership is connected to a single individual. The owner’s household may use the discounts and owner card, but only the owner may vote and run for the Board.

Benefits of Ownership

Personal benefits:

  • A 10% discount on Owner Appreciation Days in February, June, and October (one transaction of your choice)
  • Free Bulk Water (deionized & reverse osmosis) – bring your own container!
  • Special discounts from Community Partners
  • A subscription to Spoonful, the Common Market newsletter, delivered via mail or email
  • New owners receive exclusive coupons
  • A 50% discount on Community Room classes for yourself and one guest
  • A 12% discount on special orders
  • Opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to attend Ownerfest, our annual owner meeting
  • A free tote bag
  • A Patronage Rebate in years the co-op is profitable

Community benefits:

  • Keeps farms in our community
  • Keeps profits in our community
  • Ensures our ability to carry out our mission in Frederick County
  • Supports a home-grown business
  • Encourages and supports sustainable farming practices
  • Encourages and supports fair, ethical, and just business practices

Give Ownership

Do you have friends or family who you would love to see become owners of your local co-op? You can give them the Gift of Ownership! This is done in the form of a special $200 gift card, which can be redeemed only for ownership at the co-op. You can purchase the gift card online or at our Service Desk. Simply purchase the gift card and give it to that special person you want to see become an owner! They will then come in to the store to redeem the gift card and fill out the Owner Equity Form. It’s a simple way to spread the love of your co-op.

If you have additional questions about becoming a Common Market owner, visit the owner FAQs or email ownerservices@commonmarket.coop.

Owner Appreciation Months

February, June, October

Our Owner Appreciation Days run a full month. Choose your discount day wisely–you only get to use it once!

Owner Appreciation Days are one of the most visible benefits of being an owner. Owners receive 10% off a single shopping trip in February, June, and October.

Everyone is welcome to come in and enjoy the food and friendly conversation. The discount is offered exclusively to owners* and is good for only one shopping trip, so make sure you let your cashier know if you’d like to use your OAD discount at checkout.

Not an owner? Click here to learn a little more.

*Owners must be up to date with equity payments in order to take advantage of the OAD discount. Visit our Service Desk to check on your status.