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Meat, Seafood & Cheese


We offer quality cuts of grass-fed and locally raised beef, pork, and chicken products. We carry a variety of sustainable seafood products, including of shrimp, crab, and oysters. Below are the high standards you can expect out of the meat and seafood sold in store.

  1. Animals must be treated humanely, including having environments conducive to good health and wellbeing.
  2. Animals must be fed an exclusively vegetarian diet free of chemical additives.
  3. Animal living environment must be free of chemicals
  4. Animals must never have been given additional or artificial antibiotics, hormones, or parasiticides.
  5. Animals must be transported in a way that minimizes stress.

Visit our meat and seafood counter to see our fresh daily selections and select just the right cuts.

Some of our most popular meats include:

Some of our most popular cheeses include: