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The Vision

The Common Market is a member-owned cooperative serving the Frederick area with high-quality natural foods, health products, and household supplies. The Common Market seeks to responsibly serve its community through its products and by offering a path to a sustainable, healthful future through its structure, policies, practices, and shared values.

The Common Market exists in order to achieve the following ends in the local region:

  1. A just, prosperous, and vibrant local food economy that connects local consumers with local food sources.
  2. An economically successful and growing business operated on the model of cooperative ownership, thereby serving as a practical alternative to corporate, profit-driven, absentee ownership, and fostering expansion of the cooperative model.
  3. A community whose members are educated about food, health and wellness choices, social and environmental issues in food production, and the value of cooperatives as an alternative business model.
  4. A model for the use of environmental resources that is increasingly sustainable in the products we sell, the business we operate, and the practices we promote and support in the larger community.