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The Common Market believes in owners becoming advocates for their community. One way to do this is through joining our Board Advocacy Committee. The Committee is a team of Common Market directors and owners that provides a way to advocate for issues that are important to the owners, as defined by the Ends policies of the co-op. The Committee initiates projects, which are approved by the Board. Please visit the Board’s operating guidelines for more information regarding public issues.

Current Projects:


Past Projects:

  • Bulk Food Containers (2010)
  • State Honey Bill (2011-2012)
  • Small Business Administration Lending to Coops (2012)
  • GMO Labeling (2013-2015)

Current Committee:

  • John Beutler, Board Director
  • Grady O’Rear, owner

Want to get involved?

You can stay connected via email updates, event participation or attendance, or by joining the committee and advocating for important causes in our community. Please subscribe to remain abreast of upcoming events or projects your co-op advocates, sponsors, or supports. Please contact us at advocacy@commonmarket.coop with questions or comments.