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Celebrate Eggnog

Eggnog typically makes its way to the refrigerated section of grocery stores around November, and tends to stay only until after the holidays. So, if you’re looking for an(other) excuse to drink eggnog, today is your perfect opportunity: it’s National Eggnog Day. In honor of this delicious holiday beverage, we wanted to fill you in... Read More

Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are full of love, laughter, and general cheer. According to Wikipedia, this time of year shares the top 2 celebrated holidays in the country. But sometimes our entertaining doesn’t go exactly the way we plan it. So, if you’re hosting a semi-last-minute holiday party, check out these last-minute entertaining tips. Use what you... Read More

A Side of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and we are eagerly planning our menus and preparing our meals. If you have your main course decided but are coming up empty on some sides, check out these recipes. Mashed Cauliflower If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the starchy potato, consider this option. It’s low-carb, but,... Read More

Halloween Treats

Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? Don’t be scared—Common Market has the candy you need to make your trick-or-treaters smile! Chocolates Chocolate is a pretty popular trick-or-treat handout. If you’re looking to hand out some chocolatey goodness this year, there are quite a few varieties to choose from. Unreal milk chocolate in candy... Read More