Board of Directors

All meetings are held in the Community Room from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., generally the fourth Thursday of every month. Exceptions, especially for the holidays, occur. Owners are welcome!

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates
Thursday, September 26th
Thursday, October 24th
Thursday, November 14th

Please contact the board at if you wish to discuss a specific topic. Please note: the Board of Directors is not directly involved in store operations.

Please view the Co-op’s governing documents for more information on how and why we function: BylawsArticles of IncorporationEnds PolicyPolicy Register

The Common Market Board of Directors consists of 9 Board members who each serve a 3-year term. Get to know your Board members by reading their bios below.

Megan Schneebaum, Board President - Term expires in 2019

Megan Schneebaum is a relative newcomer to Frederick County, having moved here in 2013. Megan has served on the Board since 2016, filling the roles of Director, Treasurer, and now President. During her tenure on the Board thus far, she has been privileged to learn a great deal about the workings of the Common Market and co-ops, and she sees it as an honor to help support the Common Market in extending its reach in both the local food economy and the greater world of co-ops.

Megan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master’s of Art in Teaching, both from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Megan grew up in Washington, DC and then lived in Florida, Delaware, Texas, Colorado, and New Jersey before moving to Maryland. She worked as a restaurant manager for several years and has also taught in a variety of settings, including on a working educational farm, in outreach for a zoo, and in more traditional school environments.

Megan has two young children and also takes care of a niece and nephew. She is passionate about local and organic farming, as well as about extending equal access to real, healthy food for everyone.

Megan lives in Eastern Frederick County on a small farm/homestead with an ever changing assortment of animals.

Annie Marshall, Board Vice President - Term expires in 2020

Annie Marshall is Veggie Annie, a local, organic caterer. She’s been making yummy stuff from Common Market supplies for more than two decades and has served on the Board for about half that time. She’s hooked on Badger Lip Balms, drinks Dublin Roasters’ fair trade coffee, and is currently sighing over the cafe’s fabulous Pecan Bars, in the bakery case. And she adores co-ops, ours in particular! She gets all fired up about how lucky we are to have such an excellent, forward-thinking co-op as our community, providing a model of a different way to do business. She has been happily knitting the same sweater for two years and can’t imagine what she’ll do next, if she ever finishes it. Maybe some yoga. Annie has a daughter, who considers the Common Market to have been her second home when she was little.

Evan Rosenberg, Board Secretary - Term expires 2021

Evan possesses decades of experience in the IT field, having served as IT Manager for Days End Horse Rescue Farm and IT Director at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Since 1998, he has operated a private IT consulting business.

Evan earned a bachelor’s from University of Maryland College Park and a master’s from Johns Hopkins University. He served six years on the board of Days End Farm Horse Rescue, including time as Secretary and Vice Chair. For 20 years, he has acted as Appraiser for the Scholarship Committee of Maryland Destination Imagination.

Evan’s personal interests range across music and audio systems, travel, and lawn and garden.

Stephanie Walker, Board Treasurer - Term expires 2021

As a certified C.P.A., Stephanie has counseled businesses, organizations, and government entities in financial matters for 15 years. Her specializations lie in long-range financial and strategic planning, debt management, rate modeling, project management, and economic development.

Stephanie earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration in Accounting from University of Wisconsin Whitewater and a master’s in Public Administration from UW Milwaukee. She later was certified by the Government Finance Officers Association as a Public Finance Officer. Currently, Stephanie serves as Director of Finance & Administration for the City of Gaithersburg.

When not at work, Stephanie enjoys her time cooking, kayaking, and engaging in Organic gardening.

John Beutler, Board Director - Term expires in 2020

John Beutler has been an owner since 1984. He served on the board in the late 1980s and briefly was treasurer. Since returning to the board in 2007, he served as secretary for ten years and has worked on advocacy and regional connections with other coops. John works for the National Cancer Institute as a research scientist studying possible plant sources of cancer drugs. He lived for a period in Liberty Village Cohousing, which he helped start with an article in the Common Market newsletter in 1989. His other pastimes include gardening, bicycling, and woodworking.

Sibylle Mangum, Board Director - Term expires 2021

Sibylle (pronounced: Sa-bil-la) is passionate about her family and food. In her household of three sons, 1 grandson, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a bird, Sibylle lives in a full home, rich with arguments about movies, books, diet and nutrition, and – of course – chores. She frequents local farmers’ markets and the Common Market to ensure that she and her family support the local markets and small businesses to scout and purchase wholesome foods and products. When not at work earning her “Mother of the Year” or “Best Friend in the World” awards, Sibylle may be found working, reading, or sharing a smile in the hopes it will be returned.

Lisa Williams, Board Director - Term expires 2019

A native of Colorado, Lisa has lived in Maryland for the last 13 years, half of those as a member of the Common Market. Lisa is a strong proponent of using natural, locally-sourced, organic, fair trade items wherever possible and believes the Common Market offers outstanding access to a full range of such items. As a dedicated shopper, she is highly invested in the coop’s success and understands the vital role we play in the community. She believes it is increasingly important for communities to join together democratically to make decisions in their best interest in this age of corporate control and consolidation. As the Frederick area continues to expand, outlets such as the Common Market are essential to the survival of our local tradespeople, especially the many farmers our region supports. As owners, we have the opportunity and responsibility to share the cooperative model and the Common Market’s mission with our friends and neighbors in the area. Lisa hopes that her tenure on the Board will contribute to developing ways we can further spread the coop model throughout the community. With a bachelor’s degree in geology, Lisa has a deep appreciation of nature and enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, running, and going on scenic drives. Her interest in a more natural way of living extends to nutrition and personal care, where she enjoys cooking with local ingredients, using traditional food preservation techniques such as canning and drying, and experimenting with natural and homemade health and beauty items (using ingredients found at the Common Market, of course!).

David Cloutier, Board Director - Term expires 2019

David Cloutier has been on the Common Market board since 2008 and started his fifth year as Board President in 2014. He teaches ethics at Mount St. Mary’s University, a job which brought him to Frederick County in 2006 and which also drives his passion for food co-ops and local, just, and sustainable food economies! He is always so inspired that we have such a wonderful store here in Frederick, having lived for many years in places without it. He is especially interested in fostering the Board’s long-term thinking about the future of the co-op and what we can do to enhance our ability to ensure justice toward all the people within the “food chain” and to the Earth on which we all ultimately depend. He is also an advocate for the joys of tempeh. He is a graduate of Carleton College and Duke University (don’t hold that against him!) and was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago. In his all-too-meager spare time, he enjoys singing in various groups around Frederick, running in Baker Park, and keeping up with his native (Cubs) and adopted (Twins) baseball teams.