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Special Order

At this time, we will not be accepting new special orders. We are working diligently to fill orders that have already been submitted, but any new order will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding!


Have a favorite item you want to order in bulk?

Placing Special Orders with the Common Market gives you the opportunity to buy everyday items in bulk quantities at a discounted rate!

  • Sale Items/Promotions are exempt from case discounts
  • Perishable items need to be picked up within 7 days of notification
  • Non-perishable items not picked up within 14 days of their first notification will be restocked or returned to vendor
  • Discounts apply to case quantities (minimum of 6) only. Limit of 10 cases per order.
  • We do our best to get you the right price. If you have questions, let us know.

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If you have any questions in regards to Special Orders, please email us.

The Common Market reserves the right to refuse or deny a Special Order Item. Due to our buying schedule, most special order items can be expected up to two weeks of the order date.