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5 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Co-op for the Holidays

A co-op is a business where the members are owners. They are financially invested in the company. This also means that members have a voice when it comes to business decisions. But if you aren’t an owner, can you still shop at a co-op? Absolutely! Co-ops are open to everyone. And with the holiday season officially underway, the spirit of giving and inclusion is all around. So why should you shop at your local co-op for the holidays?

You’re supporting the local economy

Co-ops are community-owned, so customers can be assured that any profits are going right back into the local community, whether it be through employee wages, continued store improvements, or partnering with and supporting other local businesses.

There are varieties for every dietary need

Whether you’re gluten-free or paleo, vegan or keto, or any combination of dietary needs, your local co-op has a variety of food choices to meet that need. The Common Market even has a Health Attributes Key, which lists 14 different health attributes that are important to customers, so you can be assured that the product you are purchasing meets your needs.

There are a variety of wellness choices

With the holiday season in full swing, staying well is important. The Common Market has a fully-staffed wellness department that carries a wide selection of products to support a healthy lifestyle, including organic protein powders and supplements. There is also a selection of stress reducing teas, oils, and other supplements.

There are ready-made meals

With all the planning that goes into holiday preparations, planning an every day meal for your family can feel like a huge feat. You can grab a quick meal at the cafe, make a selection at the salad and hot food bar, or even choose from featured grab-and-go meals and treats.

You may find some unique gifts

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or just something a little out of the ordinary, you can find it in the Common Market’s general merchandise area. Located across from the checkout lanes, this area boasts hand-made warm weather gear from a business that works to raise the earning power for indigenous women of Peru and Bolivia, jewelry, salt lamps, and other finds. And if you’re an owner and think a friend or family member should be too, you can give them the gift of ownership! Just stop by the service desk and tell them you would like to give the gift of ownership for the holidays.

For more information on co-ops, visit Stronger Together. What are your favorite reasons to shop at the co-op?