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National Food Bank Day

When you exit the Common Market, you may have noticed a wooden cart to your right. This isn’t there just for decoration—this cart is for food bank donations. In addition to the ability to drop your green bring-a-bag token into the charity box of your choosing, you can also drop non-perishable items into the wooden cart, and these items are taken to the local food bank.

This is important, because today is National Food Bank Day.

But what is a food bank? It is a warehouse for food and other products that will be distributed to the community, and a food pantry serves as the “arms” that reach out directly in the community. The food moves from a food bank to a food pantry to be distributed to the areas in need.

According to Feeding America, 6.4%–or 15,470 individuals—are food insecure in Frederick County. Food insecurity means lacking consistent access to enough food for a healthy life due to a lack of financial resources.

So, consider making a donation to that wooden cart today. Or find a local food bank and see how you can help.