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5 Types of Sales

In today’s economy, finding ways to save money is important, even on everyday needs like groceries. One of the misconceptions about food co-ops is they are not affordable for the majority of the communities they are located in. Co-ops strive to serve their communities, so they work to stay affordable for those communities. And just like any grocery store, they have specific sales and deals.

This is also true at the Common Market. Here is a guide to some of the money-saving deals we offer:

  1. Co-Op Deals

These are deals that are developed by National Co-op Grocers and are available at every co-op that is a part of the NCG network. These deals last for two weeks.

  1. Fresh Deals

These deals are specific to the Common Market and are exclusive to fresh produce and the meat department. It is at the meat department you will find the best savings.

  1. Co-Op Basics

These are our everyday low prices. You will typically find these on co-op specific products, such as Field Day, and on the more everyday type of items.

  1. Manager’s Specials

These deals are based off each department and what the department manager wants to highlight.

  1. TPR

TPR stands for temporary price reduction. These deals are done in-house through discussions with each department. They are often centered around a general theme, such as Labor Day or the Fourth of July.

Now you know: when you see one these signs on products in the store, you know you are getting a good deal.