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An Introduction to Herbs!

From cooking and cleaning to gifting and dyes, herbs can serve many purposes in our daily lives.

Lets dive in!

Herbs are plants whose leaves, flowers, or stems are used to flavor foods or remedy health issues.  Most herbs can be used fresh or dried.

Some herbs are wild crafted, meaning they are picked in the wild, while others are cultivated commercially.  Safe and ethical guidelines should be followed when wild crafting to prevent overharvesting!

Why buy organic when you’re able? Because organic herbs have not been genetically modified or treated with chemicals or pesticides.  Additionally, conventional herbs often undergo a process called irradiation to extend shelf life.

Let’s look at some different uses for herbs…

Frontier Co-op has an extensive herb guide which includes a list of ways to use herbs, suggestions on how to use dried flowers, and how to store herbs.

This A-Z Herb List by Herbal Wisdom gives in-depth information on herbs (and more!), as well as suggestions on herbs for anxiety, and herbal remedies for sore throats.

Want to talk to an herbalist? Book a consultation with a Nadarra Leigh herbalist!