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Friendsgiving: Old Friends, New Traditions

They say friends are the family you choose. If you’re looking for a way to connect with good friends AND eat some delicious food, Friendsgiving is the perfect “holiday!” It’s a relatively new concept – a mashup of Thanksgiving and a friendly get together – but Friendsgiving is quickly becoming a wildly popular addition to the already festive holiday season. Some folks celebrate in addition to a traditional Thanksgiving, and some opt out of Thanksgiving altogether if traveling or schedules prohibit them. The meals are usually pot-luck style, with each friend assigned to bring a signature dish, thus lessening the pressure on the host to craft the entire meal. If you’re attending or hosting a Friendsgiving this year, here are a few pointers:

1. Be as inclusive as you can.

If you have a vegan friend or a friend with a food allergy or two, be sure to include them in the planning of your dish. There are lots of amazing meat-free and allergy-friendly recipes available, there’s no excuse to leave anyone out! Try this Wild Rice Stuffed Squash.

2. Keep an open mind.

If you want to keep the menu Thanksgiving-themed, that’s great! But if your best friend makes amazing arepas, just go with it! Your grandma won’t be there to knock the un-traditional foods, and the variety of foods will only add to the memories. If you’re sticking with turkey, check out this roasting guide!

3. Make it your own!

There’s no Friendsgiving rule book! Does your friend group like singing karaoke, playing board games, or watching Christmas movies? There’s no reason not to incorporate some fun activities into your Friendsgiving.

4. Be realistic about your culinary skills.

Not exactly known for your pumpkin pie? Bring one from your favorite local bakery (or Co-op!). Your friends know you best, and will be thankful you put the time into choosing something they’ll love, even if you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen.

Tell guests to bring Tupperware!

There WILL be leftovers.