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What to Plant and When to Plant It!

Did you just “accidentally” buy 20 seed packets?  (I did).

Well let’s get started!!

First, it’s good to know what hardiness zone you’re in.  Frederick County ranges from 6b-7a.  You can get a closer look here using the USDA Map of Maryland Growing Zones.

This planting schedule for zone 7 is excellent at identifying when to start seeds, transplant seedlings, and harvest different vegetables.

Finally, this brochure from the Frederick County Master Gardeners does an excellent job describing what you could be doing in your garden, every month of the year!

If you have gardening questions, the Frederick County Master Gardeners are available to help!  From plant identification to pest management they are a free, friendly, and informative local resource.  You can submit questions here.

Have fun and happy planting!