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Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are full of love, laughter, and general cheer. According to Wikipedia, this time of year shares the top 2 celebrated holidays in the country. But sometimes our entertaining doesn’t go exactly the way we plan it. So, if you’re hosting a semi-last-minute holiday party, check out these last-minute entertaining tips.

Use what you already have

There’s no need to go out and buy a whole new set of dishes you may only use once or once a year. You can repurpose some glassware as vases or candle holders. And don’t worry if not all of the dishes match–mismatching is the new style anyway.

Be simple but plentiful

While you want to make sure you’ll have enough food for all your guests, you can create a simple food spread, whether that means purchasing some bread and cheese to plate or whipping up a quick hot appetizer. If you’re doing wine and cheese, check out this guide to creating a perfect cheese plate. You could even whip up a simple and delicious dessert the morning of, like these Spiced Eggnog Sugar Cookies.

Be welcoming

The most important thing is to simply welcome your guests with cheer. You can play some holiday music in the background to create a cheerful environment, and offer them a drink when they come in. Remember: they’re there to spend time with you, and that’s what’s important.