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Environmental Impact

The Common Market’s green initiatives are not limited to recycling. Our environmental values are present in all we do, from the moment a customer enters the store to the moment they leave with their receipt.

  1. We have electric car chargers

This means our customers who drive electric vehicles have a location to charge them while they are shopping.

  1. We use LED lights

This means the lighting in the store is brighter without giving off too much heat.

  1. We use green register paper

This means our receipts BPA and phenol free.

The planet is an important component of our triple bottom line, but we know that supporting the planet goes beyond what we do every day. That is why we partner with other planet-friendly organizations to keep our environment safe.

Pur Projet is a collective that helps organizations like the National Co-Op Grocers (NCG) make a positive impact on climate change through reforestation projects. The Co-op Forest is part of the Alto Huayabamba Project, located in northern Peru along the Huayabamba River. The Alto Huayabamba Project promotes sustainable agroforestry among 2,000 small-scale indigenous cacao farmers associated with the ACOPAGRO co-op. ACOPAGRO cooperative helps ensure environmental sustainability as well as social stability. Farmers who participate in the Alto Huayabamba Project receive compensation for planting and maintaining native trees, as well as guidance on sustainable agroforestry techniques.

Your local co-op also participates in a tree planting event for Arbor Day, hosted by Stream-Link Education. This annual event brings participants together to plant trees to help fortify stream and river beds in the area against erosion.

Partnering with organizations and participating in local environmental events help to ensure we continue to give back to our community and our planet.

“Planet” is one piece of our triple bottom line, and we strongly believe that supporting environmental causes supports the co-op. Is there a green initiative you would like to see your co-op be a part of?