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Help Your Local Food Bank

Almost 17,000 people face food insecurity in Frederick County.

Yes, you read that correctly. With a population of 243,465, that is nearly 7% of the local population. According to Feeding America, 665,420 people in Maryland struggle with hunger. That is why the Common Market supports a variety of community programs that help to alleviate this concern.

This week is National Food Bank Week, so it’s the perfect opportunity to make a donation or two…or a few.

The Common Market makes donating non-perishable items easy and convenient with our wooden basket in the exit vestibule. However, food banks are also in need of fresh foods. While these items cannot be deposited in our basket, you can take them directly to our local food bank. And be sure to keep an eye out for our holiday food drives, such as Cranksgiving and Feed the Hungry, to provide healthy and wholesome food to those in need in our community.