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Serving on the Board of Directors: Sibylle Mangum

Hello, my name is Sibylle. I’ve been asked to share why I serve as a Common Market Board member.

Honestly, there are times that I ask myself this question and find that my answer always comes back to serving as a representative for my community. There are many peoples of Frederick that I believe deserve representation at the Board level of the Co-op. Though I cannot represent all, I do believe that I try my best to be the person who considers the voices of those of diverse backgrounds whether it be health, culture, age, social/economic status, gender and race. In comparison there are many ingredients required to make a dish however, spices are utilized to enhance flavor; I strive to be one of the spices in the BOD’s pantry!

The election for the Board of Directors is just around the corner again, and if you’d like the privilege of being a part of that little bit of magic the co+op is doing in Frederick, visit https://www.commonmarket.coop/about/board-candidate-info for more info.