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Buy Local Month!

July is Buy Local Month at the Common Market!

The Buy Local movement brings awareness to the positive community benefits of supporting local businesses.  Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy and make Frederick unique.  At the Common Market, we invest in what we value!

You can view a list of our local partners here, along with our interactive maps of local farms and businesses.

Check out our post tomorrow on Milk Cult’s ice cream sandwiches for National Vanilla Ice Cream Day– a twofer!

Here are some easy ways to support local businesses in July and beyond:

1. Take time to learn about local businesses.
Explore different local businesses in Frederick through a quick Google search or walk through downtown.  Most have social media platforms you can explore and learn more about their products, services, and programs.

2. Shop local.
Local businesses have unique offerings you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  From local wine to knick knacks and novelties, the list linked above is sure to give you some great ideas!

3. Eat local.
Try a local eatery!  Local is often synonymous with fresh (think shorter truck time).  The next time you need your morning cup of coffee, consider a local coffee company- many of which are carried at the Common Market! You may find a new favorite.

4. Bank local.
Here you’ll find friendly faces and your money will stay close to home.  Your local bank account or loan will help fund small business loans, pay your neighbors salary, and support local charities.