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Egg Dyeing, Naturally (With Vegan Alternatives!)

Did you know your kitchen is likely filled with natural dyes?

Check out this fun and informative article about how to transform eggs with more natural ingredients!

Once you’ve made your dyes, you can have fun experimenting with different color combinations, lengths of dye time, and other uses for them– spring fashion hair colors anyone??

Here are a couple eggcellent tips:

If you are using the cold bath method, hard boil your eggs and make your dyes the night before to save time on decorating day.

Some of these dyes will stain clothing, naturally.  Make sure you are wearing something you don’t mind getting dirty and maybe take this project outside!

Interested in vegan alternatives or experience egg allergies?  You could paint or draw on wooden eggs, dye ceramic eggs just like bird eggs, create a festive garland with paper or salt dough* eggs, or bake some vegan cookies like these One Bowl Vegan Sugar Cookies, cut them into egg shapes, and decorate them!

Enjoy, have fun, and be well!

*Make sure to poke a hole for the garland before baking and remember, salt dough is toxic to dogs- keep your furry friends away from this artistic endeavor!