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Try To “Take A Hike”

“Take a hike!”

This is typically a phrase used when you really want someone to leave you alone. But on July 12th, the National Cancer Institute used it for something different: to promote exercise and wellness in the community. Employees of the NCI and Fort Detrick were encouraged to walk 1.3 miles around the campus to experience the benefits of exercise.

The Common Market was excited to be a vendor at the Take A Hike event to show how we promote a healthy lifestyle in our community. As a consumer cooperative, we believe in providing the choices our community needs to live the healthy lifestyle they are looking for.

Physical exercise can reduce the death rate in those with and without heart disease risk. Additionally, physical activity can also decrease an individual’s risk of cancer. However, a combination of activity and healthy eating is the best defense. For many, this means a lifestyle change.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle, a good place to start is taking those short “hikes” on your lunch break. Not only can these walks provide you fresh air after long hours of work, but studies have also indicated exercise is good for your brain.

And if you’re ready to make food a part of that lifestyle change, be sure to check out The Common Market. As a community-owned cooperative and provider of organic food options, you know you can find delicious food that has fewer chemicals than products you would find in a chain store.

So we hope you will visit us and see why our over 6,000 Owners continue to choose us for their lifestyle choices.