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Common Market Updates (updated June 1, 2020)

Curbside pickup and delivery personal shoppers

Current Store Hours

8 am – 9 am High Risk Shopping Hour
9 am – 9 pm General Shopping Hours

Steps for a Healthy Frederick

At The Common Market, we take the health and safety of our community seriously and strive to do more than just provide natural, affordable, and healthy food. We appreciate your loyalty and patronage during this time of uncertainty. As we all navigate through the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we will continue to focus, as we always have, on our community’s health and wellness.

Serving our community is our top priority, and we will continue to maintain regular operations as long as it is considered safe. Precautionary steps have begun in our store  to prevent the spread of illness and ease the minds of our community. Here are some of the actions the Common Market has taken:

  • Increased cleaning and sanitation of the store
  • Gloves available at the store entrance
  • Disinfectant wipes provided for cleaning cart and basket handles
  • Cashiers wipe down all station surfaces between customers when possible
  • Gloves and hand sanitizer are available at each register
  • Extra trash cans installed next to inner exit door for glove collection
  • Bulk ginger beer and kombucha kegs have been removed from the store (kombucha and ginger beer still available by the cup in the cafe)
  • Bulk department has been transitioned to prepackaged rather than self-serve. Bring-your-own-container program is not available
  • Hot Bar, Salad Bar, and Olive Bar are closed with pre-packaged grab-n-go options available
  • Self-serve coffee station has been removed. Coffee will be served by baristas only
  • Reusable silverware and mugs removed from café area
  • Café seating removed in compliance with social distancing
  • Tester products have been removed from the Wellness Department
  • Community Room events and meetings have been cancelled through the end of June (updated April 27th)
  • Handing out Bring-a-Bag tokens have been suspended, but we continue to make donations to organizations
  • Employees are encouraged to wash hands more frequently
  • Any employee who feels under the weather is encouraged to stay home, and we are offering extra PTO
  • Updated customer restrooms to automatic flushing valves as well as touch-less door handles
  • No rainchecks during the state of emergency
  • No holding of products for customers to be fair and equal to all shoppers. We are performing on a first come, first served basis.
  • Limiting number of customers inside the store to 40 at a time (updated April 16th)
  • We will not allow the use of reusable customer bags.  All purchases will be placed in paper or plastic Common Market bags.
  • Until further notice, the bulk water dispenser is turned off for sanitary reasons.
  • As an extra layer of safety for you and our front end staff, we have installed plexiglass barriers at our registers and front service desk
  • Small Electronics Drop off is temporarily unavailable, but will return in the near future.
  • To further encourage social distancing, we are marking most aisles to be one-way only.
  • As of April 10th, we now offer curbside pickup and delivery options!
  • Limiting number of customers waiting to enter the store to 20 (effective April 16th)
  • Face coverings are required for all employees and customers (effective April 18th)
  • As of May 26th, we have implemented a temporary return policy! All returns must be accompanied by a receipt and are limited to a $75 value. The will be rendered to the original credit card listed on the receipt or via store credit. No cash refunds will be issued at this time. Returns outside of the 30-day return window on purchases dated back to March 19th, 2020 will be accepted through June 15th, 2020. After that time, all items must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Management retains the right to refuse any return. (Effective May 26, 2020).
  • As of June 1, we will reopen Special Orders with some temporary terms and conditions.  Please visit the special orders page to learn more…

Here to provide the healthy, natural, and sustainable products you love.
During this pandemic, we’re working hard to keep the Common Market shelves stocked with the products you love. Though certain items cannot be guaranteed to be in stock, we still have many of the staples you and your loved ones need during this time.

Our friendly staff are here with a smile on their face to help you in this time of need. We’re here to help keep the community healthy and are proud that you continually choose us for your grocery and household needs.  We will continue to take all the necessary steps to provide the community with the things they need and our staff with a safe place to work. As the situation evolves, and based upon availability, we will keep you updated on any changes or new developments. Again, we thank you for your loyalty and for choosing the Common Market.

This post will be edited to include new information as it becomes available. Check back often to stay up-to-date.

11 Comments on This Article

  1. Hope

    Thank you for taking all the effort to make all these changes! Question: in bulk area, what is the largest size available and in what kind of container? For example, are apricots in one pound bags or plastic containers? Are oats or Miller available in one pound plastic bags or in plastic containers?

  2. Wanda Marvel

    I am so happy for the designated hours for seniors and those who have compromised
    Immune systems. I would love it more if it were from 8 to 10 am so we could have less people in the store.
    Thanks to all staff for doing such a great job keeping the store clean and stocked.

  3. Danielle Wilson

    Is there a possibility of online shopping and pick up?


    I think you have been doing a fantastic job. Thank you!

    • Pamela Francis

      Thank you for your kind words. We will share them with the team.

  5. Michele

    No need to respond. Just sending a thank you to the whole of Common Market. I feel safe and reassured shopping here. But beyond that and to all the employees, there just are no words to express my gratitude for your service. Sending you all well wishes and deeply felt thanks.

    • Pamela Francis

      Thank you for your kind words. We will share them with the team.

  6. Jennifer

    Common Market continues to go above and beyond the call of duty to keep it’s customers safe and healthy. Thank you!!!
    You are the only place that offers gloves at the front entrance and discard bin at the exit!
    I LOVE the Common Market store and team!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

    • Pamela Francis

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. We will be sure to share it with the team.

  7. Eric

    Love the CM and glad you are doing all you can to keep employees ( and customers safe). With the new entrance restrictions you should give members priority in shopping at the store. Take care of those those who have supported you over the years.

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