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Thank A Farmer

As a food consumer cooperative, we value the farms and small businesses whose products can be found in our store. In fact, we currently support 50 farms and 57 small businesses. Why is this important? Because these farms are the producers of the food we eat every day.

In 2014, the median age for farmers was rising, and the sentiment was that it was a difficult career path to integrate into. Data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) seemed to support this, with a 2012 census that showed there were 20% fewer beginning farmers than in 2007. But as the population of the United States increases, food needs will also increase.

Today is National Farmers Day, so we wanted to say “thank you” to our farmers. We hope you will join us in giving thanks by supporting these farms. Purchase a product from one of our local farms or visit a farmer’s market to show your support.