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Good Fruits

It’s happened to all of us. We head over to the Common Market to pick up our favorite fruit and we put it away right when we get home. A few days go by, we look in the fridge, and….the fruit isn’t good anymore. We are frustrated with ourselves and vow to not let it happen again. But it does.

Or maybe you just couldn’t use it all up in time, and you’re left wondering how you’re supposed to eat a healthy portion of fruit if it goes bad so quickly.

So how can we make sure our fruit lasts longer?

Cut fruit up in advance

I recently started cutting my fruit as soon as I brought it home, and I’ve already noticed a difference. Because it’s already cut, it makes it more appealing for me to put together in my meal prep. If you choose to cut up your fruit in advance, though, be sure to store it in clear containers with a paper towel lining so you can not only see it but also keep moisture out.

Don’t wash berries in advance

If you would prefer to not cut fruit in advance, then be sure not to wash any berries until you are ready to eat them. The moisture encourages mold growth, which can lead to premature molding of the delicious, colorful fruits.

Buy only what you need

As we discussed in our first post on food waste, it’s important to only buy what you will eat when purchasing fruit at a farmer’s market or at the store. This ensures you will not be throwing away moldy fruit—because you would have eaten it all.

Use fruit in recipes

Sure, brown bananas do not taste that great on their own, but they’re perfect for making banana bread. Bruised apples can be used in baking, and bruised strawberries are the perfect ingredient for muffins or as a salad addition. (Sure, some of the options may not be as healthy, but it’s better to use the food if you can than to throw it out.)

If you follow these recommendations, you will likely see you do not throw away as much fruit as you used to.

Is there something on this list we forgot? What do you do to keep your fruit longer? Let us know!