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Acupressure Self-Help to Relieve Emotional Stress and Overwhelm

Here’s a quick tip from Jenna Rucker, L. Ac. about how to relieve emotional stress and overwhelm using acupressure!

Sample Acupressure Point: Lung 7 (Broken Sequence)

Function: Good for moving through grief and sadness. Boosts lung function and strengthens immunity.

How to Find: On the inside of your wrist, in line with your thumb, 1.5 thumb widths away from your wrist crease. (The wrist crease is about where your wrist joins your hand.)

How to Use: Use the thumb of your opposite hand to apply firm but gentle pressure for at least one minute while taking slow, deep breaths. You can use this point multiple times per day and apply pressure for up to ten minutes each time.

Interested in learning more?  Join us as Jenna teaches us about Acupressure to Relieve Emotional Stress on Wednesday, July 22nd.