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We are locally owned and operated with a spirit that thrives in the tough, competitive retail world. We continue to grow, expanding and providing increasing opportunities to our staff. The Common Market is operated by over 100 dedicated employees who are outgoing, helpful, team-spirited, and welcoming. Our staff embody our values of fostering community, building relationships, aiding people and animals in need, being cognizant stewards of the environment, and exercising respect and responsibility in their lifestyles. Common Market employees happily guide customers and community members with knowledgeable, helpful, friendly attitudes. The local co-op boasts an exceptional staff with years of experience and a deep wealth of knowledge.  Many employees start as cashiers, stockers, and baristas and go on to earn leadership positions throughout the co-op. Dedication, pride, and commitment to a community, its ideals, and the daily work that makes it grow is what characterizes a Common Market employee.

At the Common Market, we own it.