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Curbside Pickup FAQs

Where do I go to pick up my curbside order?
Common Market’s Curbside pickup is available at our 7th Street Store located at 927 W 7th Street, Frederick, MD 21701.  Please look for signage indicating where to wait in your car (along the front curb).

Once you’re here, please call the store (240)422-8005. Just let our pickup staff know you’re here, and we’ll bring your order out.

These pickup times don’t work for me. Can I pick up my order at another time?
We strive to offer convenient pickup times while still operating our store. Currently, our flexibility is limited to meet these varying needs. Please consider whether you can identify a trusted individual to collect your order if you are not able to do so within the available times.

What if I missed my pickup time?
If you missed your pickup time please call (240)422-8005 as soon as possible and ask to speak to the manager on duty. Due to high demand, please ensure availability to pick up your order for the time you are placing it. Pick-ups will be rescheduled based on availability.

Why can’t I order a product online that is sold in the store?
While we aren’t able to include our entire inventory at this time, nearly 90% is available!  If you don’t see something on our website that you know is in our store you can send us an email at

How do you select the items that are sold by weight?
You will be able to increase and adjust weight through pre-set increments.

I’m an Owner. How will this affect my patronage rebate?
We are now able to give you the credit you deserve on your Mercato purchases! Please forward your email receipt from Mercato to .
Please include the following:
Subject Line: Mercato Owner Purchase

Body of Email:

  • First and Last Name
    • Owner number
    • Phone number
    • Email

Can I use coupons?
We cannot accept printed coupons at curbside pickup. Additionally, we are not able to give rainchecks on promotional items that are out of stock.

Will I receive promotional or sale pricing through curbside pickup?
Currently, we are not able to offer promotional or sale pricing through curbside pickup services. We are, however, working towards offering in-store promotional and sales pricing in the near future.

Can orders be paid for with WIC, SNAP, or EBT?
We are not currently able to accept payment by WIC, SNAP, or EBT. There are limitations on how these payment mechanisms can be used that we do not control. All WIC, SNAP, and EBT payments must be made in the store.

How can I pay for my order?
Currently we are only able to accept credit or debit payments which are processed through Mercato.

Is my personal information secure?
We have partnered with Mercato, an online grocery service, to process all orders. Their Privacy Policy can be read here.

Will curbside staff wear personal protection equipment?
Yes, curbside staff will wear gloves and masks. We provide masks for all staff. Staff may also wear their own masks.

How will my order be picked and packed?
Your order will be picked by a staff member wearing personal protection equipment. It will then be packed into our grocery bags, separated by perishable items that require refrigeration and items that do not. Perishable and frozen items will be stored in coolers while awaiting pickup.

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