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Flower Farm Tour and U-Cut Bouquet Making with Glenn Leigh Farms [OFFSITE]

Glenn Leigh Farms 5318 Stone Rd., Frederick

Join us at Glenn Leigh Flower Farm in Braddock Heights, MD to tour their beautiful flower farm and learn how to craft your very own bouquet! Attendees will learn the basics of flower farm growing including varieties, seed starting, dahlia overwintering, irrigation, farm layouts, organic pest management and fertilizations. Participants will also explore how to […]

$45.00 – $65.00

For the Love of PawPaws!

The Judd Homestead 8955 Indian Springs Rd, Frederick, MD, United States

America’s largest native fruit grows abundantly throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and is easily cultivated in the home landscape for prime fruit harvests. Join edible landscape author and designer Michael Judd on a colorful and fruitful journey from seed to table.  We will sample select cultivars, try homemade pawpaw ice cream, and tour the Judd’s pawpaw […]


Eating for Health & the Planet | Making the Switch to a Climate-Friendly Diet [FREE]

The Common Market 7th Street 927 West 7th Street, Frederick, MD, United States

Studies show that just by eating more plant foods and fewer animal products each of us has the power to make a big difference for the climate and for our health. If you have been thinking about switching to a more plant-based diet, but aren’t sure how, join us for this fun and informative talk […]


Visit the Shepherds Mill Community Solar Farm!

Shepherds Mill 303 Shepherds Mill Road, Union Bridge, United States

Join Neighborhood Sun and Standard Solar Inc. to see a community solar farm up close and personal! Learn about the operation of the solar site, how the panels work and generate your electricity, and the incredible people behind the construction and maintenance of the Shepherds Mill Community Solar Farm. Reserve your spot here! Visit the […]