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Alexandria is the Content Editor at Common Market. With a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in Communication, and a passion for food, community, and a healthy lifestyle, she strives to share fun and meaningful stories with readers while encouraging them to make healthy changes.

Now Introducing…

The Common Market would like to welcome Ayrshire Farm to our line of products! Ayrshire Farm is a unique and historic working manor farm located in Upperville, Virginia. They work to bridge the gap between 19th century farming practices and the 21st century. They are committed to their practices through using certified humane, organic, and... Read More

Thank A Farmer

As a food consumer cooperative, we value the farms and small businesses whose products can be found in our store. In fact, we currently support 50 farms and 57 small businesses. Why is this important? Because these farms are the producers of the food we eat every day. In 2014, the median age for farmers... Read More

Decorating Cakes

Cakes are a fun way to add celebration to any occasion or to liven up an ordinary day. Our cafe team at the Common Market is responsible for the delicious house-made treats you see in our coolers, so for National Cake Decorating Day we wanted to take you behind the scenes of the process for... Read More