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Bath Time

Winter can be beautiful, but it’s also freezing. And sometimes, no matter how many layers we have on, we just can’t get warm. But that’s what baths are for! You can sit in complete warmth and let the worries of the day fall away. Today is Bathtub Party Day, and while I have no idea what a “bathtub party” is or why anyone would have one (do you?), it’s the perfect excuse to draw yourself a nice hot bath to relax.

And the Common Market has some pretty perfect complements to your evening bath:

  • Indigo Wild’s Blitzum Holiday Mint Bar in 3 oz.
  • Soothing Touch’s Peppermint Rosemary Bath Salts, Tuscan Bouquet Bath Salts, and Lavender Bath Salts, all in 32 oz.
  • Weleda’s Sea Buthorn Body Wash, Lavender Creamy Body Wash, and Almond Soothing Both wash, all in 6.8 fl oz.

How are you going to celebrate this relaxing holiday?