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2020 Board of Directors Election

Election Board Letter

It’s time to vote for your Board of Directors! We continue our adventures in electronic voting, using a different company this year, Simply Voting. We’re adding an extra option this year, in addition to the electronic vote: if you want to, you can vote by phone!

Please read the voting instructions thoroughly, and vote for up to three candidates. We really want all votes to be counted, so be sure to complete this ballot by the deadline of September 10, 2020, and follow all instructions.

We are sad to report that we won’t be holding OwnerFest this year. COVID-19, is, of course, the biggest reason – holding a party for six or seven hundred cooperators isn’t a safe choice right now. Additionally, opening our new 7th Street store while dealing with the pandemic is a huge undertaking for our wonderful Staff, and we wouldn’t ask them to add “throwing a giant party” to their jobs at the moment. We’re crossing our fingers for a better year, and hope to see all your bright faces in person for OwnerFest 2021.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out this fall for some Grand Opening festivities that don’t involve a crowd at our new 7th Street store.

We will be holding a virtual Annual Meeting this year. That’s the part of OwnerFest when the Board reports on finances and takes questions. Stay tuned for the details, but look for that to happen on November 7th.

Yours in cooperation,

The Common Market Board of Directors

Megan Schneebaum, Annie Marshall, Stephanie Walker, John Clarke,
Sibylle Mangum, Melanie Ahern, Evan Rosenberg, John Beutler, Bob Wolpert



The Board of Directors is comprised of nine co-op owners who are elected by our wonderful owners and serve three-year terms. This year we have nine candidates running for three open seats on the board. Please read the candidates’ statements carefully. Be sure to choose only three candidates or fewer and cast only one vote per candidate.

Click here to preview all 9 candidates running for this year’s Board of Directors Election.


Voting Rules

  1. Must be an Owner “in good standing.”  To be in good standing, you must be current in your equity payments as of September 10th, 2020.
  2. Vote must be by the Owner of Record. The Owner of Record is the person to whom the account belongs.
  3. One Owner=One Vote. The Owner of Record may submit only one completed ballot.



Voting Options

  • Online Voting will take place through our secure, online portal by Simply Voting and you will be prompted to enter in your ” Elector ID” and “Password” found in your email or physical letter mailed to you.
  • Vote by Phone, please dial 1-866-306-9894 and you will be prompted to enter in your “Elector ID” and “Password” found in your email or physical letter mailed to you.
  • Physical Ballots will be available at our Co-op Customer Service Desk. Physical ballots must be dropped off by close of business on September 10th, 2020. Mailed ballots must be postmarked by September 3rd, 2020.

Results Coming Soon!



Contact Owner Services at 301-663-3416 or email us at